The Chartered Institute of Government Finance, Audit & Risk Officers , is inviting you to the 90th Annual CIGFARO Conference 2019 to be held at the Durban ICC from 7 – 09 October 2019. The event draws participants from Government Departments and Municipalities in all the Provinces.


The event draws participants from: Municipalities, Provincial & National Government Departments, Legislatures & Chapter 9 Institutions, State Owned Enterprises & Private Sector Organisations. More than 1500 Delegates and more than 50 Exhibitors are expected to attend!

Who will be there?

  • Mayors, Speakers, All MMCs
  • HOD of Departments
  • MM, CEOs of Public Entities, Municipal Entities, CFOs, Internal Auditors, Board chairs of Entities
  • CFO of Municipalities
  • CFO of Departments
  • MPAC and SCOPA Members including the chairs
  • CAEs for Municipalities and Government Departments
  • All Internal Auditors from Municipalities and Government Municipalities
  • All Finance Officials for Municipalities and Government Departments
  • Chief Risk Officers, Managers and Officials from Municipalities and Government Departments
  • Performance Managers from Municipalities and Government Departments including Entities
  • Chief Information Officers and IT Specialists
  • Audit Committees for Municipalities, Government Departments including entities for Public Sectors and Municipalities.



Durban ICC
Inkosi Albert Luthuli ICC Complex,
45 Bram Fischer Rd,



7 - 9 October 2019




For further information, please contact the office on: 011-394-0879 Or registration@cigfaro.co.za


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Tel: +27 11 394 0879
Email: ceo@cigfaro.co.za

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