Municipalities in South Africa are experiencing an escalating amount of debt as a result of dismal revenue collection rates mainly by residential and business consumers. Consequently, this has rendered municipalities
financially unsustainable in providing quality services to their respective communities, bringing them to the brink of collapse.

The Programme has been designed to adequately capacitate Local Government Practitioners on the holistic revenue management value chain in an effort to address most of the critical issues affecting
municipalities today.

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Program Details:

Legislative Framework
  1. Key sections in the Legislation.
  2. Constituition.
  3. MPRA.
  4. MSA
  5. Presciption Act.
  6. Insolvency Act.
  7. Companies Act.
  8. NCA.
  9. CPA.
  10. Leading Court Cases.
  • Policy Determination.
  • Institutional Capacity.
  1. Policy Processes 
  2. Policy Review.
  3. Key Policy Elements.
  4. By-Law.


Municipal Tariffs and Budgeting
  1. Policy Requirements.
  2. Tariff Settings Principals.
  3. CashFlow.


Customer Data & Completeness
  1. Property Details.
  2. Personal Details.
  3. Process to keep updated.


  • Property Valuation Cycle.
  • Objection & Appeals against GV's and SV's.


  1. Legislation.
  2. Role MEC and VAB.
  3. Verification Roll.
  4. Processes to make changes to categories.
Billing Process (Meter Reading : Recording; Processing; Dispatching (Post/eMails/SMSs); Mail Returns)
  1. Billing periods.
  2. Smart Metering.
  3. Pre-paid metering.
  4. Meter reading and Audits.
  5. Email vs Postage.
  6. Returned mail.
    1. Exceptions reporting.

Customer Care & Management

(Including Queries Management)

  1. CRM
  2. CRM & Register.


Revenue Clearance Certificates
  1. Section 118(1).
  2. Section 118 (3).
  3. Insolvency.
  4. Deceased Estate
Credit Control Procedures
  1. Strategy.
  2. Collection approach.
  3. Court rulings.
  4. Business Rescue.
  5. Write Off debt.


Effective Debt Management 
  1. People.
  2. Policy.
  3. Systems.
  4. Government /Organs of  State Debt.
  5. Property Ownership Process.


Indigent Management
  1. Constitutional /Legislated Requirements.
  2. Policy Issues.
  3. Identification.
  4. Verification.


Section 32

Appeals/Disputes/Ombuds Query Resolution Process

Dispute Resolution processes


Targeted at: Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) . Head/Manager  , Revenue Management, Revenue Management Officers/ Practitioners

Program Total Cost:

Members                                                          R2850 per participant (excl vat)
Non-Members                                                  R3990 per participant ( excl vat)

5 or more registrations                                     15% Programme Discount applicable

10 or more registrations                                   20% Programme Discount applicable


Platform: Zoom Conferencing

To register: Comnplete registration details at before 9 April 2021. profroam invoice to be generated as per Registration details.

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