Dear CIGFARO member, CIGFARO hereby call for nomination for the following Board positions for the term 2023-2025:    

a)    The Vice President must be a Technical member that was elevated to Fellow. 
b)    3 nominations for Technical members. 
c)    1 Provincial Chairperson nomination – Election of the Provincial Branch Chairperson is limited to members residing in the Province. 

The following members shall not be eligible to be nominated and elected to the Institute Council of CIGFARO: 
(i)    Any person who currently working in the Private Sector. 
(ii)   Any member whose annual fees or any part thereof, other than those fees in respect of the current year, are in arrears. 
(iii)  Members falling under the student category. 

Nomination form and list of members available for nomination are attached hereto and must reach CIGFARO office by not later than Tuesday, 2 May 2023. Signed nomination form may be e-mailed to the Principal Officer: .

Click here to view Vice Presidents Nominations List
Click here to view Technical Members Nominations List
Click here to view Provincial Chairperson Nominations List

Click here to download  Nominations Form 2023 - 2025
Click here to download Nomination Letter 2023 - 2025

To View The Board Nomination Election Framework click here