Education & Learning opportunities Passed any relevant training course that was formally assessed Credits as awarded by event Copy of Certificate
Attendance of any training course, conference, seminar or workshop presented by CIGFARO CIGFARO will capture credits form attendance register
Studying relevant post-graduate courses Copy of registration form and results
Attendance of any training course, conference, seminar or workshop presented by another relevant professional body - Copy of invitation
- Copy of attendance certificate or attendance register
For either setting or moderating an exam paper required for entrance to CIGFARO (e.g.  finance 1, 2 and 3;  accounting; internal auditing 1,2 and 3). 1 credit per subject Copy of paper
Reviewing syllabi regarding lg finance related subjects per subject. 3 credits per subject Copy of request from institution
Acting as active Principle/Mentor & Assessor for Junior/Licentiate Member of the Institute 5 credits p.a. Quarterly reports
Holding/Acting a post as lecturer, assessor, moderator or instructor for relevant structured courses of accredited providers 5 credits p.a. - Copy of appointment letter
- Copy of certificate
Writing of technical articles or books 3 credits per article
10 credits per book
Copy of article or letter from editor for book
Written comment on relevant draft legislation, regulations and policies 3 credits per comment Copy of comment
Drafting Guidelines 10 credits each Copy of draft
Drafting policies and procedures 10 credits each Copy of policy and procedures
Committees Serving on a Standing Committee/Branch of the Institute:
- Serving
- Attending
- Chairperson or Deputy Chairperson
1 credits p.a.
1 credit per meeting
1 credit per meeting
Copy of appointment letter
Copy of attendance register
Copy of Agenda
Representation on formal organised discussion groups 2 credits per meeting Copy of attendance register of discussions
Representing CIGFARO on committees, working groups, etc. of other relevant bodies/organisations/institutes 5 credits per meeting & attendance Copy of attendance register
Speaker at technical meeting, workshops, seminars and conferences of the Institute or relevant organisation 4 credits per event Copy of agenda/programme
General Attendance of provincial branch meetings that include learning activities ½ day – 3 credits
1-day – 6 credits
2-days – 12 credits
Copy of programme
Copy of attendance register
Compile relevant reports for the Institute Council or Standing Committee or other relevant committees of recognized professional bodies 10 credits each report Copy of report
Official visits to other municipalities, provinces or organisations to capacitate or transfer skills 10 credits per visit Copy of confirmation of visit