“Capable leaders should demonstrate change by strengthening transparency and accountability.”  From:  MFMA 2020-21 Consolidated general report on local government audit outcomes This course takes delegates back to what is expected of them and how does each of the GRAP standards works, in general. 

The course covers all GRAP standards within 39 videos.

The 39 videos include:


Presentation of financial statements 
GRAP 2 Cash flow statement 
GRAP 3 Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and errors 
GRAP 4 The effects of changes in foreign exchange 
GRAP 5 Borrowing costs 
GRAP 9 Revenue from exchange transactions 
GRAP 10 Hyperinflation 
GRAP 11 Construction contracts 
GRAP 12 Inventories 
GRAP 13 Leases – Lessor 
GRAP 13 Leases – Lessee 
GRAP 14 Events after the reporting date 
GRAP 16 Investment property 
GRAP 17 Property, plant and equipment 
GRAP 18 Segment reporting 
GRAP 19 Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets 
GRAP 20 Related party disclosures 
GRAP 21 Impairment of non-cash generating assets 
GRAP 23 Revenue from non-exchange transactions 

GRAP 24 Presentation of budget information in the financial statements 
GRAP 25 Employee benefits 
GRAP 26 Impairment of cash-generating assets 
GRAP 27 Agriculture 
GRAP 31 Intangible assets 
GRAP 32 Service concession arrangements: Grantor 
GRAP 34 Separate financial statements 
GRAP 35 Consolidated financial statements 
GRAP 36 Investments in associates and joint ventures 
GRAP 37 Joint arrangements 
GRAP 38 Disclosure of interests in other entities 
GRAP 100 Non-current assets held for slae and discontinued operations 
GRAP 103 Heritage assets 
GRAP 104 Financial instruments 
GRAP 105 Transfer of functions between entities under common control 
GRAP 106 Transfer of functions between entities not under common control 
GRAP 107 Mergers 
GRAP 109 Accounting by principals and agents
GRAP 110  Living and non-living resources 

Each standard has its own video and assessment. 

Self-paced, assessment-based learning:  Participants learn what they need to know at their own pace, where and when they choose.


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